Parent FAQs

How do I know when my child is sitting their exam?

Teachers will discuss examination options with parents and students. National Office work with teachers in January to set a schedule for the year, figuring out when each region will have examinations. This schedule is available here. Examination fees are available here.

Please note, this schedule stipulates the week of examinations, and not the specific times and days. A specific timetable will be sent to teachers 3 weeks prior to the examination date. Please contact your teacher for this or for more information.

What can I do to support my child to prepare for their exams?

You are welcome to download the syllabi at any time from the website to look over the specific tasks and materials required for each examination.

If students have a memorised task e.g. a poem or characterisation, please help them to memorise it. Normally, students will have learned a number of poems and characterisations throughout the year and often choose one of these for the examination.

In poetry speaking some gesture is permitted but students need to rely on their vocal and facial expression in their interpretation.

If students have to prepare a talk they usually need to prepare a chart or power-point to accompany their talk. You can check these for spelling and ensure that all the words can be read by the examiner. With Speech NZ talks we ask that candidates speak from headings on their chart or power-point, rather than memorising the words. This is extemporaneous speaking.

During the examinations students are asked to discuss and reflect on their work so this is a great thing to be encouraged and practised at home.