Online Tutorials

Learn more with our range of dedicated video tutorials and online workshops. 

Tech Basics #1

Emma Carpenter led some of the Speech New Zealand family through some computer tips and tricks.

  • Showing 2 windows on one browser

  • Creating web bookmarks

  • Some screen sharing tips

Teaching on Zoom

Del Costello led a workshop for Teaching the Speech New Zealand Syllabi on Zoom.

Tips and Tricks for using Zoom: these are in-depth instructions for using Zoom - includes sharing your screen, using the waiting room, and many other features.

Online Examination Modifications

Karen Austin leads a Q&A session where Speech New Zealand teachers ask questions about modifications, tips and best practices for online examinations.

Teaching for Viva Voce Examinations

Jessica Rees takes Speech New Zealand teachers through the guidelines of preparing their students for viva voce examinations.

Teaching English Language Learners

Pauline Douglas led a workshop on Teaching English Language Learners.

Poetry Speaking

Pauline Prendergast and Pam Logan led a workshop for Poetry Speaking. The Poems discussed during the workshop can be accessed below. 

Junior Poems

The Junior Poems discussed during the workshop can be accessed below. 

Teaching Drama

Gabrielle Thurston leads a workshop on Teaching Drama.