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We love learning about how our candidates are doing on their different journeys, you can too!


Self-confidence, resilience and effective communication skills are enormously important. We strive to see the growth of these three elements in the New Zealand population. 

Through our broad range of syllabuses, we conduct examinations in a range of oral communication skills, working with schools, private teachers, community groups, and the corporate sector. The ‘Success Stories’ publications began in 2021 as an opportunity to spotlight candidates who have been through Speech New Zealand programmes and are using their skills out in the world, highlighting how Speech New Zealand has made a difference in their journey and gathering their advice for current and future candidates.

Their Stories


“It gave me all the tools I wanted to be a good professional public speaker. It has built up my confidence.”

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Tuyen (Stella) Nguyen

“I loved their accents...empathised with their difficulties, their challenges...was inspired by their presentations...I loved myself more for who I am.”

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Marilyn Orellana

“It doesn't matter what our background or experience is we can achieve great things with dedication and discipline.”

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“Speech New Zealand was beneficial to me both professionally and in my everyday life. I highly recommend it to those wishing to improve their English, expand their speaking skills and grow confidence.”

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“The examiners create such a positive and relaxed space for the students to do their best. I have never experienced an exam room atmosphere quite like Speech New Zealand”

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“Speech New Zealand has given me the opportunity to give back to the community through teaching with the hopes of providing them the same experience I was lucky enough to have.”

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“I have become much more confident with myself... it offers a chance to help you realise that you can be better.”

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“Speech has allowed me to be a more effective leader in a number of fields, and I owe my success to [my teacher] Mrs [Judith] Bartlett. She has helped shape the communicator I am today, and I couldn't be more grateful.”

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“I use the speaking and performance skills that Speech and Drama helped to develop every day in Court, in meetings, and around the office.”

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We absolutely love learning about how our candidates are doing on their different journeys

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