Information for students and parents around how to boost your confidence in public speaking, drama, and communication skills.


Our collection of syllabi are designed to help build your confidence, resilience and communication skills. Whether you are interested in performance or want to help build your confidence speaking sharing ideas in a group, our syllabi provide the roadmap for your teacher to help you grow and excel.

"When I first started, I was an extremely shy, nervous 9 year old....speaking in front of my classmates was a massive fear of mine. It [Speech New Zealand] combated my fear of speaking in front of an audience. This whole journey has been so profound and it has taught me so much"

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Our extensive network of certified teachers spans across New Zealand, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to the art of oral communication. Whether you're a student eager to explore the world of speech or drama, a professional seeking to enhance your public speaking abilities, or a parent on a quest to nurture your child's self-expression, our 'Find a Teacher' feature means discovering an educator in your area who aligns with your communication goals.


Information for parents

How do I know when my child is sitting their exam?

Teachers will discuss examination options with parents and students. National Office work with teachers to set tour dates, figuring out when each region will have examinations.

The schedule stipulates the week of examinations, not the specific times and days. A specific timetable will be sent to teachers approximately 3 weeks prior to the examination date. Please contact your teacher for this or for more information.

What can I do to support my child to prepare for their exams?

You are welcome to download the syllabi at any time from the website to look over the specific tasks and materials required for each examination.

If students have a memorised task e.g. a poem or characterisation, please help them to memorise it. Normally, students will have learned a number of poems and characterisations throughout the year and often choose one of these for the examination.

In poetry, some gesture is permitted but students need to rely on their vocal and facial expression in their interpretation.

If students have to prepare a talk they usually need to prepare a chart or slideshow. You can check these for spelling and ensure that all the words can be read by the examiner. We ask that candidates speak from headings on their media, rather than memorising the words. This is extemporaneous speaking.

During the examinations students are asked to discuss and reflect on their work, try practicing this with them at home.

Examination Info

Exam Schedule

Exam Fees

Success Stories

In our Success Stories collection, we proudly showcase the inspiring narratives of individuals who have harnessed the power of effective communication through Speech New Zealand.

These stories serve as a testament to the remarkable journeys that can unfold when confidence in public speaking and self-expression takes center stage.

Why Us

We are Local

Speech New Zealand is a New Zealand-based examination body. All our staff (National Office, examiners, assessors, and supervisors) are located in New Zealand. The organisation began in 1964 and has forged a position of credibility as an examination provider.

There are a few key reasons that being local is a strength:

  • Our syllabi are written and revised by New Zealanders. The content and tasks are relevant and specific to New Zealand candidates.

  • Our National Office team are all based in New Zealand and are extremely approachable. You can speak to someone on the phone, or email with our team, and enjoy quick response times and local kiwi customer service.

  • Because our examiners and supervisors are all based in New Zealand, during the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing travel restrictions, we were able to pivot quickly to ensure examinations were able to continue – either with local examiners (those not needing to fly), postponed examinations, or in some cases, Zoom examinations. 

We are Dedicated

Speech New Zealand syllabi are specific to oral communication, and there is a syllabus for every kind of oral communication. We offer 8 different syllabi that range from Speech and Drama to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and our candidates range from preschool aged children right through to professionals in the workplace. In 2021, Speech New Zealand published a new syllabus, the Flexi Speaking and Performing Syllabus. With this syllabus, teachers can choose examination programmes from a variety of skills that reflect their teaching philosophy.

Because Speech New Zealand focuses specifically on oral communication, our examiners and syllabus writers are experts in all things to do with verbal communication. While other examination bodies offer a much wider range of examination options (music, dance, drama), this also means their requirements for their examiners and assessors are not as specific. Because Speech New Zealand focuses solely on oral communication, and our examiners and assessors are highly qualified and hold specific communication qualifications, ensuring an extremely high degree of credibility and value in the examination.

Learn or work with us to help build a better future

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, or inquiries you may have. We look forward to connecting with you.

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