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Speech New Zealand aims to develop versatility in the use of language and oral presentation and performance skills.

We offer a range of syllabuses for all age groups, children and adults, in Speech, Drama, Public Speaking, Oral Communication within Schools, Professional Speaking and Oral Communication for those whose first language is not English. These teaching syllabuses are available free of charge.

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We set syllabuses and conduct examinations in a range of oral communication skills, working with schools, private teachers, community groups and the corporate sector.

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We facilitate bespoke courses in a variety of speech communication skills, for professional and personal development.

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Recent News

‘Speech & Drama Flexi-Syllabus’ and ‘Public Speaking & Communication Flexi-Syllabus’.

Speech New Zealand is completing these two new flexi-syllabi which will run alongside our current Speech & Drama and Public Speaking syllabi.

We’ll update you when these new flexible options are available.

We can now confirm that from Term 3 we will be offering both face to face examinations AND Zoom examinations.

• During Term 2 teachers have the choice of opting for a Zoom examination on a centre tour date and on the last week of the month.

• From Term 3 face to face examinations will resume on the scheduled centre tour dates for the remainder of the year.

• From Term 3 Zoom exams will be available on the last week of each month. 

• During Term 3 we hope students who were not able to have their usual centre exam tours can be fitted into other centre tours where possible. 

We hope that the choice of face to face examinations along with Zoom examinations will offer teachers and students more flexible options.

All exam entries are now made online from this website.

The updated Public Speaking Syllabus is available on the website. Hard copy is available from your Local Secretary.