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Enter for Speech New Zealand Exams

  • Standard examination entries are due 6 weeks before the scheduled examination tour date.

  • Online examination entries are due 4 weeks before the scheduled examination tour date.

  • On-demand examination entries are due 4 weeks before the requested examination date

An entry fee invoice will be sent to you within a few days of submission.

A trainee examiner may be present at any examination. Speech New Zealand will notify parents, teachers and schools as early as possible once examinations have been confirmed. 

If a student or parent is unwilling to have the trainee sit in on the exam the trainee will excuse themselves from that exam.

 Submit online entry form

Apply for a Certificate of Attainment

How to enter under Certificate of Attainment:

Candidates of all abilities are encouraged to sit grade examinations & oral communication assessments. Certificate of Attainment (CoA) can be applied for if candidates have a disability that may affect their performance.

The candidate will be assessed in the same way as a grade examination, however, the examiner will use their discretion based on the candidate's performance as to whether to award a Certificate of Attainment grade or a general grade. This way if the candidate demonstrates the ability to pass the examination without the COA, the examiner can apply a general grade.

If a certificate of attainment grade is applied Speech NZ will award the candidate a 'Certificate of Attainment' for the specified syllabus and grade.

 Application form for Certificate of Attainment

Please complete this application form and tick "Application for CoA" when submitting your applicable entry.

Group examinations for Certificate of Attainment candidates may be arranged if there are sufficient entries.

On request, Speech New Zealand may also provide examination prescriptions for individual students whose needs cannot be adequately met by the standard syllabus. Please contact the National Office at info@speechnz.co.nz.

Syllabus Variation

Enter a Syllabus Variation

A task variation may be requested for ONE section only of the requirements for a particular grade. Examples may include, a candidate needing to alter an ELL activity to suit their work situation, or a candidate who is visually impaired and not applying for a Certificate of Attainment, or a student with dyslexia who is not able to manage sight reading.

The Certificate will show ‘modified’ beside the module.

The request and the reasons for it must be received by National Office at least two weeks before entries are due.

The request must be accompanied by detailed performance objectives relating to the item varied. This information will be used by the examiner to assess the candidate’s performance in the examination.

Fees, Policies and Procedures

Examination Fees 2024

All fees will be invoiced to the teacher. Please make a bulk single payment as per the details on your invoice. All fees include GST.

Refund Policy

Refunding decisions will be made in the first instance by the Executive Manager of Speech NZ. Appeals against refunding decision must be addressed to the Chair of the Board of Speech NZ. Please email info@speechnz.co.nz.


  1. Bereavement related to the death of a close family member. A close family member is defined as a grandparent, parent, major caregiver or sibling. Full refund

  2. Medical certificate produced to verify sickness at the time of the examination. 90% refund 

  3. Cancellation less than one week (7 days) after payment due date unless (1) or (2) applies. No Refund

  4. Cancellation more than one week (7 days) after payment due date unless (1) or (2) applies. Refund of 50% of fee 

  5. Non-attendance of the examination. No refund

  6. Conflict of examination with a special event at the school which was unknown at the time of entry. This includes educational events, and sporting or artistic events where the candidate is participating as a representative at regional or national level. Supporting documentation from the school must be provided to verify participation in these events. 90% refund 

  7. Conflict with other educational, sporting or artistic events. No refund 


Examination Fees

With 19 examination centres reaching from Northland to Invercargill, our examiners are serving the whole country! The board trains and accredits examiners and Kaiarotake regularly to maintain a high standard. 

All fees will be invoiced to the teacher to be paid in a single lump sum. All fees include GST.

Examination Material Submission

IMPORTANT:  Examination Material are due 5 working days before the start of the tour (not the actual examination date).

Hard copies must also be bought to the examination on the day.

Please submit your entries via your Teacher Dashboard.

Examination Materials are submitted via your Teacher Dashboard.

This can be done by a teacher, candidate, or a candidate’s parent/guardian – but please ensure the following information is clear and correct. If you are having any difficulty submitting your materials via your Teacher Dashboard, please email them through to info@speechnz.co.nz

Please double check the syllabus to ensure you submit the correct material. We recommend bringing along an examination programme to your exam (please submit this with your other material if you are sitting your exam online).

Label each file clearly with CANDIDATE'S NAME  (incl .pdf or .jpeg).

Badges and certificates

Place an order

Order your badge at the same time as you submit an examination entry

For new entries, submit your details and order your badge to avoid postage fees. 

Order replacement or additional badges/certificates post-examination 

For completed Speech New Zealand qualifications. Badges ordered separate to an examination will incur a postage fee.

Give Zoom exams a go


Speech New Zealand exams can be sat online to provide you with more flexibility. Entries via video conferencing are submitted in the same way as in-person examinations.

Speech New Zealand Theory

Learn more about Speech New Zealand theory papers, viva-voce, cross-crediting application, AASB pathways, theory resources and the Speech New Zealand Declaration of Excellence.


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