Covid-19 Update – Red Light

Jan 25, 2022

In light of the nationwide move to the Red Traffic Light, the Speech NZ team have been gathering information to support and inform our candidates, teachers, examiners and staff.

Please read on for our most up-to-date requirements and guidelines.


The Covid-19 guidelines for SCHOOLS:

  • All ākonga (students) Years 4 and up must wear face coverings indoors and when in close contact with others.
  • Staff and teachers must wear face coverings when teaching and supporting children in Years 4 and up.
  • All ākonga aged 12 and up must wear face coverings on public transport and school transport.
  • All parents, caregivers, whānau, and other visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings on site.
  • You do not need to wear a face covering when at special interest education, such as music lessons, art groups and guides. However we strongly encourage you to.
  • Children and parents or caregivers of a child or student cannot be prevented from going to school or early childhood services based on their vaccination status.
  • Read more here

Speech NZ Guidelines:


  • In-person examinations will go ahead at Red. Online examinations will continue to be an option in the last week of each month.  
  • QR codes will be present at all examination venues.
  • Social distancing of a minimum of 1 metre will be maintained at all indoor venues.
  • Venue capacity limitations of up to 100 people in a defined space will be adhered to.


  • All staff and employees of Speech NZ are required to be double vaccinated.
  • Depending on the examination venue, candidates MAY be required to show a Vaccine Pass. This will be communicated to teachers in advance of the examination, and if a candidate cannot sit their examination due to Vaccination Status, they will be able to transfer to a Zoom examination.
  • Any parent or caregiver wishing to accompany a candidate to the examination venue WILL have their Vaccine Passport checked by a Speech NZ representative.

Face coverings:

  • All staff and employees of Speech NZ are required to wear a face covering at all indoor examinations and gatherings.
  • Candidates Years 4 and up, and their parents/caregivers, are required to wear face coverings when entering examination buildings, but candidates may remove their face covering for their examination if they wish. If they choose to keep their face covering on for their examination, they will not be marked down.

National Office:

  • The Speech NZ National Office staff are working from home primarily, with alternate days in the office. If you need to visit the office in Wellington, please contact us via email to book a time.


  • Teachers who are working within a school framework need to check with their school to ensure they understand the individual vaccination and face covering requirements for that school.
  • Teachers who run their own studio will need to make their own decision regarding vaccination and face-covering requirements, and this must be based on the advice and guidelines from the Ministry. The Ministry guidelines around face coverings mention “special interest education, such as music and art classes”, and we feel it would be reasonable to include drama and communication classes within that group.