Covid-19 Update – Orange Light

Apr 29, 2022


In light of the nationwide move to the Orange Traffic Light, the Speech NZ team have been gathering information to support and inform our candidates, teachers, examiners and staff.

Please read on for our most up-to-date requirements and guidelines.


The Covid-19 guidelines for SCHOOLS:

  • All playgroups, early learning centres, schools and kura can open and children do not need to be vaccinated to attend.
  • Student accommodation, such as boarding schools, can open.
  • All parents/caregivers and other visitors are encouraged to wear a face mask indoors.
  • All ākonga (students) aged 12 years or over must wear face masks on public and school transport

Speech NZ Guidelines:


  • In-person examinations will go ahead at Orange. Online examinations will continue to be an option in the last week of each month.
  • Social distancing, capacity limits, and QR code scanning are no longer required


  • All staff and employees of Speech NZ are required to be double vaccinated.
  • Candidates may sit examinations regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Parents/caregivers may accompany a candidate to their examination venue regardless of their vaccination status.

Face masks:

  • All staff and employees of Speech NZ will be required to wear a face covering at all indoor examinations at the Orange Traffic Light.
  • The Ministry of Education strongly encourages the continued use of masks at the Orange Traffic Light, and while masks in schools are not mandated, it is up to individual schools to make the decision themselves. Therefore, any requirement for masks to be worn by candidates will be heavily dependent on the examination venue: if examinations are taking place on school grounds where there is a mask mandate, candidates will be required to comply with the guidelines set by the school.
  • Speech NZ will not require candidates or their parents/caregivers to wear masks if the venue does not require it.
  • If candidates choose to keep their face covering on for their examination, they will not be marked down.

National Office:

  • The Speech NZ National Office staff are working from home, alternating days in the office. If you need to visit the office in Wellington, please contact us via email to book a time.


  • Teachers who are working within a school framework need to check with their school to ensure they understand the individual requirements for that school.
  • Teachers who run their own studio will need to make their own decision regarding vaccination and face-covering requirements, and this must be based on the advice and guidelines from the Ministry. More information can be found here: