2021 Scholarship Recipients

Mar 2, 2022

A huge congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

See the full list of scholarship recipients here!

2021 Scholarship Recipients


Grade Six Speech and Drama

Jack Dams (Waikato)

Teacher: Helen Morton-Jones

Jack (age 17) has been doing Speech and Drama since the start of his time at St Peter's Cambridge and is hoping to finish his last year with a bang. He's stoked to have received recognition for his efforts in grade 6 and looks forward to expanding his skills in the future.

Grade Seven Speech and Drama

Jessica Licht (Waikato)

Teacher: Dianne Schilov

My name is Jess and I am a Year 12 student at Hillcrest High School this year. I have been involved with Speech and Drama since the age of 5 and have loved it ever since. It has allowed me to excel in so many other aspects of my life with the knowledge acquired through the different grades and examinations for which I am very grateful.

‘The Jillian Carpenter’ Grade 5
Speech and Drama Scholarship

Thomas Nand (Auckland)

Teacher: Nina Burchett

My name is Thomas, I'm 13 (14 this year) and just starting high school at King's College. I started Speech and Drama at 6 years old with Shine Speech & Drama. I have had many great teachers there but I am currently a student of the wonderful Alex Ellis. Speech & Drama has been such an asset to me, whether it be for public speaking, impromptu talks, writing speeches, and having fun!! The exams are always entertaining and exciting and I can't wait to dive into the next one!

ASB (Founders’) Public Speaking and
Communication Scholarship

Ethin Templeton

Teacher: Donna McKinlay-Jones

Kia Ora, my name is Ethin; I’m 18 years old and I am from the sunny Hawkes Bay! I started with Public Speaking and Communication back in year 9 as an extension off debating. I was hooked from the first lesson and have stuck at it over the past five years. I am now studying at Victoria University of Wellington, where I look forward to continuing my studies through Speech NZ alongside my tertiary studies. Speech has allowed me to learn a lot of new conversational and social skills which I have applied in various contexts, and I am very grateful of the speaking, teaching, and tutoring opportunities that have been opened to me through the syllabus. I am very excited to see what the future lies with higher PS&C skills and qualifications!

Grade Eight Speech and Drama

Yasmin Marsh (Christchurch)

Teacher: Dinie Bevers

Hello! I’m Yasmin, a Year 13 student at St Margaret’s College. I live and breathe Performing Arts, and am super excited to have been awarded the Speech NZ Scholarship for Grade 8! I can’t wait to continue on my theatre journey, wherever it may take me, and I’m grateful for this award to help me along the way.

Excellence in the Use of Language and Expression within Speech and Drama

Billie Comer

Teacher: Lucy Ford

My name is Billie Comer, I am a year 12 student at Wakatipu High School in Queenstown. I've been very involved with performing arts from a young age, mainly in music and theatre, and have loved every minute of it. I started taking speech and drama classes when I got to high school, and thanks to my incredible teacher Lucy Ford, I hope to continue with taking my associate diploma this year. I'm very grateful to have received the Melda Townsley award for language and expression.

Nikau Foundation Scholarship

Thenuka Sabesan (Wellington)

Teacher: Jill Hagen

My name is Thenuka and I am currently a year 13 student at Hutt Valley High School. I started learning Speech and Drama at the age of 7 and have had a passion for it since then. Speech and Drama has taught me so many skills involving thoughtful communication, whilst also allowing me to explore the creative flair of drama! I am honoured to receive this scholarship and extremely grateful for what I have learned.



Grade Six Public Speaking and Communication

Yvonne Wang (North Shore)

Teacher: Stephanie Caisley

My name is Yvonne, a year 12 student at Crimson Global Academy. I started Public Speaking and Communication in year 10, which has helped me not only in school presentations, but also interviews. I’m extremely grateful for the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired through these examinations.


‘The Gabrielle Balch’ Grade Five
Flexi Speaking and Performing

Jesse Clarke (Waikato)

Teacher: Helen Morton-Jones

Hi! My name is Jesse Clarke and am currently a Year 11 student at St Peter's School in Cambridge. Although I have always loved drama and performing arts, it has not been till I have started college that I have begun taking lessons in Speech and Drama and I have absolutely loved it. It has helped me with my speech, pronunciation and communication as well as broadening my skills and giving me confidence. I am so grateful and excited to have been awarded the Gabrielle Bach Scholarship and I am looking forward to this year of Speech and Drama.