Values: Partnership, Empowerment, Growth

We live our values and plan to grow

Successful candidates of Speech NZ have used their qualifications to gain employment and contracts right across the world. Just this month, a Speech NZ ASB candidate was accepted in two US universities (check out our Facebook page for success stories). Our brand reflects the unique, flexible, and innovative nature of New Zealanders. It is long since passed that we need to look to overseas bodies to validate our learning and skills in New Zealand. New Zealand is home to many of the world's leading educational institutions. It is our vision to be one of these and we want to partner with other successful NZ businesses on this journey.

We are currently examining students based in Australia and China via our Zoom programme and are sought after by the NZ College of General Practitioner to examine their students in preparation for working in a face-to-face environment.

We work to deliver on our values:

1. Partnership

We will partner with you to ensure that all your candidates get a quality experience and a quality assessment, and we see it as our role to work with you to grow your business. We work to be as flexible as we can with examination timetables and our fully trained local supervisors are on the ground to support teachers and candidates during the examination rounds.We have an articulated and visible commitment to The Treaty of Waitangi and work to ensure that we reflect the rich diversity of NZ through language, culture, and acknowledgment of identity.

2. Empowerment

We work to empower our candidates, teachers and the businesses that build and grow (skills and business).We work closely with our sister organisation EPC (Educators in Performance and Communication)  to provide rich and effective professional development for teachers, and we collect teacher voice on a regular basis to ensure that we are providing what teachers need.We have a robust strategic plan that includes the promotion of our industry for the betterment of all our stakeholders because we believe that we are better together.

3. Credibility

We use evidence-based assessment practices, robust professional development models and have quality systems in place that are delivered by our national office team and our team of examiners.

Our Vision

The vision of Speech NZ is to develop confident, articulate New Zealand voices through relevant, future focused strategies that empower and strengthen individuals and their communities. We would love to connect with you on how we can help to develop the voices of your community through our syllabi and examinations, and together we can all work towards helping New Zealand to communicate.