Speech NZ syllabi are specific to oral communication, and there is a syllabus for every kind of oral communication. We offer 8 different syllabi that range from Speech and Drama to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and our candidates range from preschool aged children right through to professionals in the workplace. In 2021, Speech NZ published a new syllabus, the Flexi Speaking and Performing Syllabus. With this syllabus, teachers can choose examination programmes from a variety of skills that reflect their teaching philosophy.

Because Speech NZ focuses specifically on oral communication, our examiners and syllabus writers are experts in all things to do with verbal communication. While other examination bodies offer a much wider range of examination options (music, dance, drama), this also means their requirements for their examiners and assessors are not as specific. Because Speech NZ focuses solely on oral communication, and our examiners and assessors are highly qualified and hold specific communication qualifications, ensuring an extremely high degree of credibility and value in the examination.