Syllabuses we offer

We offer a range of syllabuses for all age groups and goals, from performance to professional development.

You can download the syllabuses, or if you would like hard copies, please contact us - we have plenty and are happy to post them out to you!

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Flexi Speaking and Performing

This syllabus offers students a wide range of choice in what they present for examination.

Speech and Drama

This syllabus is aimed at students who are interested in building skills in all aspects of speech and drama.

Public Speaking and Communication

This syllabus is designed for students who wish to develop their confidence and ability across a variety of public speaking situations.

Communication in Leadership

This syllabus (found in the back of the Public Speaking and Communication syllabus) is ideal for those who are in, or who aspire to be in positions of leadership either in their school or community.

Oral Communication in Schools

This syllabus encourages students to use creative speaking skills in a variety of contexts.

Professional Speaking

This syllabus is aimed at candidates who would like to develop confidence in Professional and social speaking in the workplace.

Theatre in Action

This is the ideal syllabus for students who learn in and like to perform as a group.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

The English for Speakers of Other languages syllabus encourages students to understand, respond to and speak in the English language in a variety of situations.