Testimonials from Participants

1. What was your overall experience of the Future Teacher Coaching Programme?

Niall: Very good - and I'm keen to continue into other modules!

Rebecca: Really positive, really constructive, they’ve all been highly experienced teachers and business owners. All the experience and knowledge will not only help me form my business but help with the teaching I’m doing at the moment. A lot of ideas! The business plan has been very thorough and that is incredibly helpful and constructive

Janet: I found it fantastic. It answered so many of my questions and it was so valuable getting to know and learn from some highly experienced practitioners.

Sam: Great, the positive mentors made me feel comfortable and were full of knowledge. 

Aimee: I really enjoyed the Future Teaching Programme. I felt like the mentors really cared about making sure I got the most out of the programme that I could. I also felt like the coaches had a lot to offer and I came away with valuable resources to enter my teaching career with.

2. What was the reason you were interested in and signed up for the Future Teacher Coaching Programme?

Niall: The programme commenced at a time when I just completed my LSB in Teaching and was fairly new in the business of teaching.

Janet: I am wanting to set myself up as a teacher of speech and drama, and was finding it difficult to figure out the steps needed to get started with confidence.  The programme covered the topics that I needed to build my confidence and to work through that process with personalised mentoring. 

Sam: I signed up for this as I have recently taken over a business which desperately needed a website and I was stuck where to start with this and wanted some ideas for planning lessons and how to teach the syllabus. 

Aimee: I signed up for the programme as I have been wanting to teach Speech for years but have never known where to start. This programme presented a fantastic opportunity for me to learn how to get my business started from women who have been in the profession for a long time.

3. What are some of the key things you learnt through the Programme?

Niall: It was valuable from the point of view of giving me ideas and inspiration for things to implement in my teaching practice and business e.g fee structure. 

Rebecca: Teaching and interpretation of poetry for different levels, and this has given me ideas for teaching within the classroom. Ideas for interactive individual and team games that I’ve already started using to positive effect.

Janet: I now have a more detailed understanding of the syllabus and appropriate texts and topics to cover at each level.  I have learnt about how to structure lessons, build resources and year plan for each level.  I have created a business plan and found out about the steps to market my skills to schools, parents and students.

Sam: How to build onto my website, class structures.

Aimee: I learnt how to develop a business plan and how to structure my classes. I also learnt fantastic tips and tricks to keep my students engaged.

4. How did you enjoy the coaching style of the Programme?

Niall: Yes, it works well.

Rebecca: It’s been really good, I'm totally used to Zoom now. And the coaches have specifically asked me what I want to look at and learn, and then they prepare the coaching around that. It’s been highly organised.

Janet: The coaching style is definitely my preferred style of learning.  It is totally personalised and engaging.

Sam: I think it worked well for our current situation with Covid-19, and being able to learn from people in other parts of the country.

Aimee: I found the Zoom aspect actually worked great! I liked the sessions being quite short and the coaches being super flexible in terms of timing, especially with me having a full-time job.

5. Do you feel better equipped to enter the teaching community after completing the Programme? 

Niall: I'm already in the teaching community, but think this programme is good for new teachers as well as those who have recently become teachers, like me. The programme helps give understanding and helps set people up for teaching.

Janet: I definitely feel better equipped to begin teaching speech and drama after completing the programme. 

Sam: I have gained some useful tips. I feel more confident using the website editor and developing my page, and have a few new resources and a class structure to try. 

Aimee: I definitely do. It gave me a sense of confidence and assurance that I didn’t have prior to the programme.

6. Would you recommend the Future Teacher Coaching Programme to others?

Niall: Yes, most definitely.

Rebecca: Absolutely! I would totally encourage people to take this up. If you’re looking at getting into this field and you’re a bit new – or even if you want just a bit of help in certain areas…. You are running your own business, and people are paying you money to provide a service, so this is a fantastic support base. We need to get more teachers on board.

Janet: I would absolutely recommend the programme to every new teacher.

Sam: I would recommend this programme to people who don't know where to start with their business, building a website, getting a class structure, but would look at content delivered and value for money. 

Aimee: Yes I would! Definitely gave me some valuable skills and has prepared me well for starting my business.