Future Teacher Coaching Programme

This programme supports individuals in any part of Aotearoa New Zealand to develop the practical skills for teaching speech and communication, the framework to grow a small business, and the professional skills to be successful. It also supports already established Speech NZ teachers to continue to grow and develop their skills to enhance their teaching offerings.

It is an IDEAL programme if you are:

  1. Interested in becoming a speech, drama, communication or performance teacher, but don't know quite where to start.
  2. New to teaching, and would like some support to get further established
  3. Already an established and accomplished teacher, and wanting to upskill!

If any of the above sounds like you, please get in touch with the Speech NZ National Office to book in for a consultation!


Testimonials from the Programme

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Pathways to becoming a Speech NZ Teacher


Download FAQs pdf

Q: Do I need to do all of the modules? 

A: No, certainly not. We recognise that it is likely you will arrive with some skills already, so during your consultation we will work with you to understand what you need and when you need it. 

Q: How old do I have to be? 

A: You can start this programme at any stage of life. 

Q: Can I teach part-time? 

A: Yes, you decide how much you want to do, and how quickly you do it. This programme is great for those looking to learn part-time or after-hours. 

Q: Will I be working with other people? 

A: This coaching model is personalised to you and you will work with your coach 1 on 1. 

Q: Will I get any qualifications? 

A: We will provide you with a certificate of completion at the end of each module that outlines the areas that were covered. Because this is a bespoke coaching programme there will be no National Standard Framework accreditations. 

Q: Do you guarantee me students? 

A: No, but if you need it, we will coach you to develop a robust business plan and marketing strategy. This will support you to go to your community to find students in whichever market you are focusing (children, adults, schools or businesses). We will list your name on our ‘find a teacher’ section of our website for free and when we are contacted by a prospective student, we share the details of all the teachers on our list for that area. 

Q: What could I expect to earn? 

A: This is a little tricky because it depends on the sector you are focusing on and how you structure your business. Your business planning coach will help you with this. Many of our teachers who are working full time earn as much as a Primary School teacher (as an indication).