Speech NZ Theory Papers

Theory papers may be achieved in any of the following ways:

  1. by written examinations (held in May and August)
    If a candidate wishes to submit one of those papers via examination, they would need to enter for the May/August examination round, selecting which paper, and they’ll receive their question on the date of the examination

  2. by assignments
    If a candidate wishes to submit one of those papers via assignment, they would write their own question within the topic stipulated in the table/syllabus

  3. by viva voce
    If a candidate wishes to sit one of those papers via viva voce, they would enter the the assessment as a practical examination through the online entry system. This can either be as part of an in-person centre tour, or via Zoom (LSB viva voce examinations will always be via Zoom)
  4. by cross-credit. 
    Cross-crediting may be applied for on the basis of external qualifications or study, or relevant experience. The cross credit fee will be set at $100 per paper.

All theory candidates from 2022 will be required to make connections between knowledge and teaching/performance (based on their major), including relevant methods/exercises/materials.

The table below outlines the Theory requirements for each Speech NZ Diploma. These must be completed along with any practical modules required, and can be completed via any of the four methods listed above. Any combination of these methods will be acceptable.