Theory assignments

ALL theory papers are available by assignment, in both the Public Speaking and Communication, and Speech and Drama syllabi, and at both Advanced Associate and Licentiate level.

Assignments are a flexible option for those candidates who enjoy more preparation time, wish to avoid any “stress” in sitting an examination, and get feedback on their submission from a teacher or mentor. Assignments differ to online examination questions in that they are research-basedAssignment questions are written for each candidate personally by the Theory Moderator following the application form submission and payment.

The candidate has three months to complete the assignment from the time approval is granted.


The entire process from step 1 - 3 should take no more than 7 calendar days, provided payment is made promptly.

  1. Candidate submits Assignment Application Form to request to complete an assignment.

  2. National Office will respond to the Candidate to direct payment into the relevant account (see Payment Details) and send the Assignment Guidelines & Declaration.

  3. Once payment has been received, the Theory Moderator will contact the Candidate directly to confirm their assignment question, alert the National Office of the confirmed question, and the three month assignment submission period begins. 

  4. Candidates work on their assignment. If during this time, the Candidate decides they would like to alter their question, they MUST consult with the Moderator before submitting the assignment. If an assignment is submitted with a different question to the confirmed question, the assignment may be considered void.

  5. Within two weeks of the three month deadline, the National Office will send a reminder to the Candidate.

  6. The assignment is submitted via email to in PDF form, alongside the Declaration.

  7. The assignment is sent to an Examiner, who completes the report and enters a result for the Candidate.

  8. Once the assignment result has been moderated, the National Office will send the report to the Candidate.


Word Limit

The word limit is 2000 words at Advanced Associate, 3000 words at Licentiate, both +/- 10% excluding bibliography.

Time Frames

  • The candidate has three months to complete the assignment from the time approval is granted.
  • Marking and moderation may take up to four weeks.


Please contact the National Office at if you have further queries!