Refund Policy

This policy deals with circumstances under which Speech NZ will refund examination fees.

Refunding decisions will be made in the first instance by the Executive Officer of Speech NZ. Appeals against refunding decision must be addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Speech NZ. Please email

Bereavement related to the death of a close family member. A close family member is defined as a grandparent, parent, major caregiver or sibling.  Full refund
Medical certificate produced to verify sickness at the time of the examination. 90% refund 
Cancellation less than one week (7 days) after payment due date unless (1) or (2) applies. Refund of 50% of fee 
Cancellation more than one week (7 days) after payment due date unless (1) or (2) applies.  No refund
Non-attendance of the examination    No refund
Conflict of examination with a special event at the school which was unknown at the time of entry. This includes educational events, and sporting or artistic events where the candidate is participating as a representative at regional or national level. Supporting documentation from the school must be provided to verify participation in these events. 90% refund 
Conflict with other educational, sporting or artistic events. No refund