Programme Style:

This programme is entirely comprised of 1-on-1 coaching. Our coaches are seasoned professionals in each of their areas, and their job is to coach you on what you want to learn within that module subject.
This means that a lot of this programme will be learner-led. Participants can pick what they want to learn about, letting their coach know of topics or areas they don’t need coaching on, so that they get the best possible value with their coaching.





Building a Business Plan


This is your business backbone, the foundation for all your developments. You’ll cover the following:

  • Executive Summary (overview, mission statement, values, history, business description)
  • Market research (including a competitive analysis)
  • Marketing & sales strategy introduction)
  • Business financials introduction (profit/loss table)

Financial Module


This is the module for the money side of running a business. You’ll cover the following:

  • Class pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Costings
  • Debt management
  • Compliance obligations

Business Plan + Finance


If you decide to sign up for both the Business Plan & the Finance Module, you’ll be paired with the same coach who will cover both subjects in 5 hours.

Teaching and Learning Systems


This is your teacher bread and butter, the administration side of teaching that will you’re your life a lot easier once you get stuck into teaching. This module also creates a great foundation for further syllabus work. You’ll cover the following:

  • Building a routine, a system by which you teach each week
  • Long-term teaching plan, weekly planning systems
  • Teaching online & teaching face-to-face
  • Resource management
  • Communication planning (with students and parents)
  • Working with high-needs learners
  • Professional ethics

You may also delve into:

  • Developing productions and performance opportunities
  • Entering students into competitions

Marketing (Basics)


This is the backbone of your Marketing for your business. A key element to help you advertise and grow.

You’ll cover the following:

  • Branding (logo, colours, imagery)
  • Building your marketing strategy (online presence, goals for dedication to marketing)
  • Templated marketing resources and how to use them

Please note – the 2 hours allocated include time for the coach to create the marketing materials and templates, so this module won’t be 2 hours 1-on-1.

Marketing (Website)


This module is specifically for getting your business website. You’ll cover the following

  • Design ideas and what you want the website to include
  • Domain & hosting (these are an additional cost that is not included in your coaching fee. This is because hosting and domain prices fluctuate, but as a ballpark, will cost around $100 per year).
  • Full site build out
  • Training to use the website platform, so you can manage your site on your own.

Please note – the 5 hours allocated include time for the coach to build the site, so this module won’t be 5 hours 1-on-1

Marketing + Website


If you decide to sign up for both the Marketing & the Website Module, you’ll be paired with the same coach who will cover both subjects in 6 hours. Please note - this will not be 6 hours 1-on-1

Syllabus modules

2 each

A 2-hour module focusing on teaching each syllabus.

This time can be flexible to what you want to focus on. Possible inclusions are:

  • Exemplar lesson plans, lesson plan feedback
  • Troubleshooting
  • Incorporating Theory

Higher Education


This module perfect if you’re interested in aspects of the higher education levels within the Speech and Communication sector. Perhaps you’re interested in teaching Diploma students and looking for some resources to support you with that, or perhaps you have a particular interest in delving further into theorists, or another specific avenue – this module is for you!

IT Systems


This module is to help you get your IT systems set up.

This time can be flexible to what you want to focus on. Possible inclusions are:

  • Digitalising resources
  • Using PDFs & the best apps for scanning
  • Document storage for student/teacher access
  • File sharing
  • Copyright of materials