Theory examinations

2022 Theory Examinations

Speech NZ are in the process of revising the administration around the Theory Examinations. This page will be updated ASAP, but for now, here's what you need to know:

  • All Theory Papers may be sat via Examination. The full list of the papers available can be found HERE

  • Theory Examinations will be available in May and August each year, and we're looking to add more availability for these later than August.

  • You may sit any Theory Paper at the May and August examination rounds

  • Entries for the May round are due on March 28th 2022. Entries will be made through the online entry system.
    The full schedule is available here.

  • Payment will be due 5 weeks before the examination takes place. You'll receive payment details upon completing your online entry. 

  • A declaration will be included with your online entry form, stating that the exam answer is the candidate‚Äôs own work and that they acknowledge that any plagiarism will result in Not Achieved. All answers will be checked for plagiarism.


For the Advanced Associate Diploma, the fees will be $130.00 per paper.

For the Licentiate Diploma, the fees will be $140.00 per paper.