Public Speaking and Communication

The Public Speaking syllabus is aimed at students who would like to develop versatility and confidence in the use of language.  Candidates will increase their ability to express thoughts and opinions with clarity, improve listening skills, and extend social skills. The syllabus teaches students to structure and present speeches appropriate to an audience, purpose and occasion within a supportive environment.

How to enter students

Zoom exams are Speech New Zealand’s solution to our current pandemic situation. Amidst loss of routines, anxiety and isolation we need to retain as many routines as possible. Obviously, our traditional face to face practical speech exams are not possible at the moment. Speech New Zealand wants students to be able to continue to sit practical speech exams as part of their communication studies.

Candidates will sit their online Zoom exams in their homes. Examiners will examine online Zoom exams from their homes.

Teachers/ candidates have two options regarding examination dates. They can choose to sit their Zoom exams at home during their Centre’s scheduled exam tours.

Alternatively, they can choose to sit their Zoom exam during the last week of the month( April -Nov. In September we are moving to the second last week, 20-25, because of the holidays.

Entries for these exams need to be with the Local Secretary and paid by the Friday three weeks (24 days) before the start of exam week.

Badges can be ordered  for students at an additional cost, click here to order