Professional Speaking

The Professional Speaking syllabus is aimed at candidates who would like to develop personal confidence and effective oral language skills in the workplace.  The syllabus encourages formal and informal speaking situations, appropriate to occupation and/or profession and personal presentations appropriate for workplace purposes and occasions. Candidates will be helped in developing personal confidence and fostering interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

How to enter students

If you are entering through one of our workshops the organisation of the exam process will be taken care of for you, the same applies  if your company has entered a group of business professionals.

If you are entering through a private teacher you will be entered through our examination schedule process which is set out below:

Examination schedules for the year are set in January, and these are posted to our website early in the year.

Entry money as well as the entry form/s need to reach the local secretary for your area before, or by the closing date as set out in the schedule. If you need entry forms, please contact your local secretary. Payment can be made by cheque or by direct credit. It is the teacher’s responsibility to enter the students and to ensure that payment is made prior to closing date.

If  payment is to be made by direct credit, teachers need to obtain the correct bank account number from their local secretary: The following references must be used.

Student’s surname, teacher’s surname, level

When entering your students please ensure that you put in any special day or time requests at the time of entering.  We always try and accommodate these requests, however, it is always easier to accommodate these requests prior to the timetable being set.

You should receive notifications of when your students  have been timetabled three weeks prior to examinations commencing.

Your students’  reports will either be delivered or posted to you soon after they have been examined.

For successful students  a certificate will follow.