The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) syllabus encourages students to understand, respond to and use the English Language in a wide range of situations. Students will learn to use verbal and nonverbal language appropriate to different situations, while building confidence working in a team.   These are not always group exams


How to enter students

ESOL examinations are held throughout the year on demand.

Speech New Zealand is happy to organise an examiner with six weeks notice.  Please contact your local secretary if you require entry forms as these need to reach the local secretary six weeks prior to the examination date and once received an examiner will be organised. (a minimum number of students is required so if you feel you may not have enough contact your local secretary to discuss).

Entry money as well as the entry form/s  need to reach the local secretary for your area six weeks prior to the examinations.  Payment can be made by cheque or by direct credit.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to enter the students and to ensure that payment is made prior to closing date.

The school can pay by  direct credit,  the  bank account number can be obtained from your  local secretary:

The reference should contain the school’s name and the word ESOL.

The local secretary will contact the teacher responsible for organising the examinations to finalise any details prior to the day.  The school is responsible for organising the timetable and should liaise with the local secretary if they are unsure about how to do this  The local secretary should receive this 2 weeks prior to the examinations.

The local secretary will send the school the headed up report forms and the school needs to ensure that the report forms are ready on examination day and that all students have a name label.

You will receive the reports soon after the examinations and the certificates will follow once national office receives the examiner’s results.

Badges are also available at an additional cost, see details here