Answering written questions

Further hints for writing expository essays

Application for Cross Credit

Download cross credit application form for LSB optional credits

Elements, Techniques, Conventions and Features explained

Refer  Advanced Associate Paper 5

Glossary of critical terms

Key words in theory essay instructions

Guide to theory credits

A 10 point plan for aspiring students and teachers


A guide for writing answers to theory questions

Lesson Planning Guidelines

Useful terminology and guidelines for lesson planning

Methods and strategies

Ideas to underpin your teaching

Past theory papers

Presentation of a written research assignment

The presentation and layout of research assignments

Purpose of questions

Being clear on the purpose of questions


APA referencing for Research Assignments

Referencing for Theory Examination Papers

Report Form for all Papers

Report Form for Assignments

Study guide

A guide to LSB Credit 4, (teaching), ‘Teaching Practice and Ethical responsibilities’.