Speech NZ Theory 2022

Oct 7, 2021

In 2022, after a qualifications review based on industry needs, Speech NZ theory will have an updated syllabus. The Board have listened to feedback from their stakeholders and made changes to the syllabus accordingly. The new online theory syllabus will have a balance between practical and theory elements, offer more ways in which to sit theory papers, and require fewer papers to be submitted, while maintaining the high standard for each of these papers. It is after due consideration that these changes have been made. The Board intends that this will revitalise the theory side of Speech NZ, encouraging more candidates and teachers to complete their Licentiate of the Speech Board (LSB), and encouraging more applications to become an examiner.

These changes will inevitably result in some candidates having completed elements of the 2019 Speech and Drama syllabus and the 2020 Public Speaking and Communication syllabus that are no longer required. National Office will be contacting recent graduates directly and offering a certified transcript of the papers completed, as well as contacting any candidates currently part-way through their diplomas.

Speech NZ is excited to offer Advanced Associate (AASB) and Licentiate (LSB) diploma candidates the option of viva voce examinations from January 2022. These examinations will be 20 minutes long and examiners will be given a marking rubric to assist with the direction of their questioning. The AASB viva voce candidates will be assessed by performance examiners either in-person as part of a centre tour or via Zoom. The LSB viva voce candidates will be assessed by specialist theory examiners via Zoom only.
Examiners will have a viva voce accreditation in October 2021, and teachers will have the opportunity to attend a viva voce workshop later in the year.

Any candidate who has recently graduated with a Speech NZ diploma and would like to receive a transcript of their completed modules may request one of these by contacting the National Office at info@speechnz.co.nz.

Theory changes taking place from 1 January 2022

Theory papers may be achieved in any of the following ways:

  1. by written examinations (held in May and August)
  2. by assignments
  3. by viva voce
  4. by cross-credit.
    Cross-crediting may be applied for on the basis of external qualifications or study, or relevant experience. The cross credit fee will be set at $100 per paper.