Speech NZ – New Vision and Values

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Speech NZ is thrilled to announce its updated Vision and Values in 2021.

During an intensive Strategic Planning workshop in March 2021, and in the following weeks and months, the Board focused on the future of Speech NZ – where it’s heading, how it will address current and future issues, and what it really wants to achieve.

“Speech New Zealand is proud of the examination syllabi we offer, regularly updating them so that they match current teaching and learning pedagogy,” said Karen Austin, Chair of Examinations.

Led through the workshop by Del Costello, Trustee and Business Development Chair, the Board delved into the top priorities of the organisation, addressed its strengths and challenges, and began to lay the groundwork for the next three, five, and ten years of helping New Zealanders to communicate better.

“Working with the Board to come up with a shared vision and a set of values has provided us with the foundations to craft an exciting strategic plan,” said Del Costello.

A Strategic Planning committee continue to develop the finer details of the new strategic plan, but the Board can now release the following Vision and Values of Speech NZ.

The Vision of Speech NZ

Our vision is to develop confident, articulate New Zealand voices through relevant, future focused strategies that will empower and strengthen communities.

The Values of Speech NZ

Speech New Zealand works with dedication to be informed and guided by:
Partnership – as New Zealanders, we value relationships that encourage and respect diversity in all forms.
Credibility – as educators, we strive to deliver the best outcomes for all our stakeholders.
Empowerment – as an organisation, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of all our stakeholders.

“We realise we must find new ways to offer our versatile programme to everyone”, says Speech NZ Board Chair Pauline Prendergast. “We know we have a valuable product that empowers us to become effective communicators. The Board has worked on a process to reach out to all New Zealanders in this constantly changing world. As Socrates wisely said: ‘The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.’ We are excited about the opportunities to embrace all New Zealanders, by building on what we have, to develop new pathways to knowledge and confidence.”

Speech NZ is a “not for profit” Registered Charitable Trust, and armed with its new strategic plan, it is looking to spread the opportunities offered by its programmes further across New Zealand. “We always accept donations gratefully and we are currently seeking sponsorship for scholarships for our newest syllabus, the Flexi Speaking and Performing syllabus,” said Pauline Prendergast.

For more information on the different syllabi, becoming a teacher or a student, donating or sponsoring, or simply to get in touch, please contact Emma Carpenter and the team at the National Office.

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