Just released! Speech New Zealand’s Flexi Syllabus!

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Released on 1 July 2020 the Flexi Speech and Drama Syllabus is Speech New Zealand’s newest syllabus. This is the first of two new flexi syllabi planned to run alongside our current Speech & Drama and Public Speaking syllabi.

The purpose of the flexi syllabus is to offer teachers and candidates more choice. One of the post lockdown educational findings is that students are feeling the pressure of having less time available to achieve their learning outcomes. The flexi syllabus offers teachers and candidates the opportunity to prepare for examinations within a shorter timeframe.

The Flexi Speech and Drama Syllabus is for Initial – Grade 8. A difference between the current and the flexi syllabus is that there are no modules in the flexi syllabus. In keeping with Speech New Zealand’s aim to offer more choice to teachers and candidates examinations are available by Zoom or face to face. Entries are made through our new, easy to access entry form on this website. The fees are the same as for the current Speech and Drama Syllabus. The Flexi Speech and Drama Syllabus is available online only.

Speech New Zealand is striving to offer more choice to teachers and candidates. Keep watching for the Flexi Public Speaking Syllabus to come on stream later in the year!