Wellington/Hutt Valley

Welcome to the Wellington and Hutt Valley centres

Wellington and Hutt Valley Local Secretary

Sally Kiernander

T (027) 734 0222
E sallyk.speechnz@gmail.com


Colleen Foss BA(theatre & film), Post Grad dip tchg Performing arts, LSB S&D

T (04) 387 8824
M 021 116 2116
E c_fossie@actrix.co.nz

Diane Radford FTCL, NCB, ELTA, NLP Master Practitioner, Pilates Diploma
Voice and Performance

Diane Radford is a Fellow of the Trinity College London in Speech and Drama and teaches the Speech New Zealand and Trinity College London speaking, communication and drama syllabi to teenagers in a private capacity as well as at Scots College in Wellington.  Diane also trains adults and businesses in voice and performance courses for presentation and public speaking.  For further information please see her website www.voiceandperformance.co.nz.

T 021-247-9661
E diane@voiceandperformance.co.nz
W www.voiceandperformance.co.nz

Jan Avison LSB Tchg S&D, Dip of Pharmacy (NZ)

M 021- 446 600
E janavison@gmail.com

Jillian Carpenter LSB LTCL RTSCA, ANZDA, Dip PS

T (04) 479-5215
M 021 630-330
E jilliancar@gmail.com

Jill Hagen LSB, TTC

T (04) 567 6830
E jillhagen2018@gmail.com

Judy Houlahan LTCL, ASB, BA(Hons), Dip Tchg

T (04) 479 5507
M 021 101 6968
E judyhoulahan@gmail.com

Kerry Kleinsman LTCL

T (04) 232-3538
M 027 311-6618
E kleinsklan@gmail.com

Lynda Scott LTCL, BA, RTSCA

T (04) 563-9346
E Lynda-Scott@outlook.com

Melda Townsley BA, Dip Bus Stud, FSB, FTCL, Dip PS, RTSCA, SNZ Examiner

T (04) 472-5049
E cpiman@xtra.co.nz

Pauline Prendergast LTCL, LSB PS, Dip PS, TTC, RTSCA, Acc Examiner SNZ

T (04) 938-1492
M 021 152 4441
E paulinemichael2017@outlook.com

Peggy Lehmann LTCL, ASB

T (04) 233-9997
M 027 303-1125
E peggyl@orcon.net.nz

Rebecca Reed BBC, BA, ASB

M 021 205-7718
E rebeccareed@outlook.com

Robyn Radomski ATCL, Dip Bus Stud
Speak Well

T (04) 479-6203
M 027 201-8766
E robyn@speakwell.co.nz

Rosalind Baxter BA, ASB, Marriage Celebrant

T (04) 233-8483
M 027 693-9573
E jonnyrozb@xtra.co.nz

Sandra Bartlam LSB S&D & PS SNZ Examiner, ANZDA, RTSCA, Dip PS

T (04) 902 1934
M 027 246 7676
E sandrabartlam@outlook.co.nz 

Tineke Jannink BA, LLB, ASB (NZSB)

T (0211380402
E tinekejannink@gmail.com

Trixie Milkop BA, LSB, ATCL

T (04) 232-6581
E trixieandre@xtra.co.nz