Welcome to the Nelson Centre

Local Secretary

Karen Austin

T  (027) 712 5977


Saramea Waterman BA / MA hons

M 021 0584726

Gaelynne Pound LTCL, ASB PS, CSCA, Cert Eff Spkg

Gaelynne has been teaching since the early 1980s. In 1989 she was awarded the Hugh Jansen NZ scholarship for Drama, which enabled her to study in London. She is also a published poet and playwright, performing regularly at Nelson Live Poets. Gaelynne teaches all age groups from children through to adults – both individually and in groups. Students have the option of sitting exams. There are also many other performing options such as, the University of Otago Sheliah Winn Shakespeare in Schools Festival, student concerts and any other opportunities that may arise.

Karen Austin FTCL, LSB (PS), MRed, BA, Dip Prof Spkg, SNZ Examiner