How to enter under Syllabus Variation

Syllabus Variation


A task variation may be requested for one section only of the requirements for a particular grade.  Such students may include a candidate needing to alter an ESOL activity to suit their work situation, or a candidate who is visually impaired and not applying for a Certificate of Attainment, or a student with dyslexia who is not able to manage sight reading.


The Certificate will show ‘modified’ beside the module.


To apply for a task variation:

The request and the reasons for it must be received by National Office at least two weeks before entries are due.

The request must be accompanied by a task variation fee of $25.00.

The request must be accompanied by detailed performance objectives relating to the item varied.  This information will be used by the examiner to assess the candidate’s performance in the examination.


While every effort will be made to accommodate appropriately supported requests for a task variation, requests will be automatically declined unless all three of the above conditions are met.