Professional Communication Development for Corporate and Individual Business People

Speech New Zealand is happy to create ‘bespoke’ courses to suit your needs.  The following are examples of courses that have been run:

  • Professional Speaking: a two-day course for tertiary education lecturers which can lead to an examination to achieve Speech New Zealand’s Advanced Certificate in Professional Speaking.
  • Professional Speaking: a two-day course for managers in a Government department, emphasising presentation skills   which can lead to an examination to achieve Speech New Zealand’s Certificate or Advanced Certificate in Professional Speaking.
  • High Impact Presentation Skills: a practical three-day workshop for business managers who are seeking to develop High Impact Presentations.
  • Various length courses to develop effective use of voice in vocally demanding careers such as auctioneering and teaching.

The workshops are facilitated by an experienced and highly qualified Speech New Zealand Trainer.

Recently Speech New Zealand continued in its development of the nation’s effective communication by undertaking to develop and deliver professional communication courses for some of New Zealand’s largest infrastructural companies.  These courses specialised in the following areas:

  • Giving and receiving effective and constructive feedback
  • Management communication skills
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Toolkit meetings

The courses were designed in conjunction with Speech New Zealand trainers with the specific needs of the client at the forefront of every decision that was made.

Subject material covered such areas as Presentation Skills which focused on both the skill set of the individual and on PowerPoint based presentations.  Facilitation and Effective Meeting Management which was designed to give clients and their staff an understanding of Time Management, Meeting Protocols, Rules and the Expectations placed upon individual attendees.

Executive Voice Coaching, which was designed to help managers and leaders be vocally effective, assertive, persuasive and productive within their working environment.  Professional Speaking workshops which enhanced the effectiveness of the speaker be it within meetings, presentations or daily business.

Course workbooks are developed as in-house training manuals for future referral and detail fully all the material covered during the duration of a course including practical examples.  Course lengths have varied dependant on the needs of our clients and the material to be covered.  All courses are followed up with attendee feedback, ongoing consultation to ensure continued effectiveness after course completion and managerial meetings to ensure both ours and the clients adherence to key issues.

If you are interested in a tailor-made course, please contact us for more information.